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Member Spotlight: Suzanne Moseley

A life-long interest in all things art led Suzanne Moseley to pursued a fine arts degree in drawing and painting through Stephen F. Austin State University, receiving multiple awards and recognition during her time there. Her professional art career began with portraiture commissions through word of mouth, which has won her several awards for her work through the years. She became more and more interested in branching out into animal and wildlife art, finally entering multiple competitions resulting in first place and best in show ribbons for her work there as well, and leading her to gallery representation.

She works in multiple mediums: oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, colored pencils, graphite/charcoal, and digital, with her greatest love being for oil painting. Her subject matter ranges greatly as she often seeks more and more complicated subject matter as a challenge to improving technical skill. She has developed methods to speed up the oil painting process and teaches these methods through workshops, which are expected to start again in 2021. She is developing online based classes as well, and hopes to have these available in around March 2021. The online classes will be both pre-recorded and live classes through group video chats. To find out when these are available, you can visit her website and sign up for the e-mail newsletter at the bottom of the first landing page of her site.

Art is by far her biggest area of interest and passion, and she has put in years of study into numerous techniques, theories, and applications. She thoroughly enjoys sharing information with artists of all levels and watching and supporting their work as they grow even outside of workshops.

Currently, her work is carried in two galleries: The Dutch Art Gallery ( and Art of the Horse (, as well as commission work available through her direct website: A new gallery has also decided to carry her work in 2021, which will be announced in either January or February. There are 2 upcoming shows for her work in mid to late 2021, with one show also representing the amazing work of Marie Gray in a two woman equestrian art show through The Dutch Art Gallery, dates to be announced once determined.

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