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Member Spotlight - Kathleen Finan

Kathleen Finan grew up in New York City surrounded by art. She graduated from Saint Francis College with a BS in Elementary Education and completed studio art classes at a local college every summer.  Once married she lived on a sailboat cruising the east coast from Maine to the Keys.  Three children and eight years later she decided a larger boat was needed and sailed to Virginia. Kathleen continued to paint and sell her work at coastal art fairs while living on the boat.  Her and her husband started an Industrial Painting Company to finance their new boat and had two additional children. She worked on the boat and business;  weaving was her go-to art. In 1993 she divorced and settled in Williamsburg earning a master’s in Special Education. Kathleen taught Special Education for years then taught art at a fine arts public school in Williamsburg.


Kathleen remarried in 2007 and moved to Rockwall from Williamsburg, VA and joined the Rockwall Art League in 2008.  She taught art for Rockwall ISD and retired in 2016. Kathleen recently bought a glass kiln and is excited to merge glass with her fiber art, printing, and painting.

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