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Member Spotlight - Sylvia Noster

Sylvia Noster worked 10 years as a fashion designer in NYC and Dallas, and then, 30+ years as a successful business owner designing, selling, producing, and shipping art inspired apparel and merchandise to mass market retail stores, specialty stores, and catalogs nationwide.

As a business owner Sylvia loved to create art-driven product lines, but the long hours and travel, domestic and overseas, to sell, mass produce and ship finished goods to major retailers was often overwhelming. Where once she used her talents and skills to utilize art in compelling commercial composition and messaging, she states that she is very happy that her current endeavor is to do what she’s always loved: fine art.


Sylvia’s approach to fine art incorporates her faith in God and explores the power and impact of color, space, and light (God’s gifts) against darkness (the worlds condition).  “The foundation of a successful art driven design is universal” says Sylvia. “First and foremost, it presents an idea using elemental rhythm and balance. Then it moves into a deeper interpretive realm via color and light. These are the elements that inspire the viewer with joyful energy and spirituality that captures their imagination. As an artist my goal is not to just produce another pretty picture, but to explore the boundaries of its subject matter and push it until it transcends itself.”         


@SylviaNosterFineArt on Facebook and Instagram

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