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Member Spotlight- Claudia Holt

Claudia Capeau Holt grew up in New York City and worked in the design district of Manhattan before moving to Dallas.  Two weeks  later, she met her husband, Charles, a native of  Rockwall.  Claudia studied art at North Texas University and then began her career in Real Estate.


Claudia began to concentrate more on her photography skills during the 2009 downturn in the economy.  Not satisfied with merely showing what exists in a literal sense, Claudia’s photoart adds another dimension to traditional photography - something that invokes a feeling or mood,  and allows the viewer to see a different aspect of the familiar. “Beauty is all around us in the abandoned, wild, and ordinary things of life.”


Claudia uses various techniques in creating her images.  She is always experimenting and pushing the boundaries.


A recent award she received was for "Outstanding Use of Painterly Qualities in Photography".  She is a member of various art leagues and has won many awards for her work. She was also one of the owners of "Artists' Gallery on the Square" in Rockwall.


Her work resides in many homes around the country and can be viewed on her website, She may be reached at 972 897-6677

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