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Member Spotlight: Tim Miller

Tim’s adventures in art began somewhat late in life. His retirement five years ago gave him the chance to experience the creative side of the art world. With an undergrad in accounting and an MBA, Tim’s education set him up to use the so-called left or logical side of his brain. Once he left the corporate world, where he spent his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Tim decided that it would be fun to see if there was anything in there on the right or creative side. While the jury is still out, there are some glimmers of hope that there is life on the right side.

Initially, Tim enjoyed exploring nature and the world around him with his camera. Living in the Low Country of South Carolina and traveling the east coast provided some great photo opportunities. Recently, Tim has begun learning Photoshop to find creative ways to use all of those wonderful shots he has stored. Abstract photo collage is what he is currently exploring.

At the suggestion of a close friend who is also a late-to-art experimenter, Tim’s first shot at painting was using acrylics. Most of that work was of the abstract form. Right after moving to Rockwall a couple of years ago, Tim participated in a weekend long watercolor class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. He was hooked. While he has discovered that watercolors tend to have a mind of their own, he also found he loved the freedom and unpredictability. The watercolor form that most interests Tim currently is line-and-wash.

Tim mainly creates for his own enjoyment and much of that enjoyment centers around trying new mediums. He is always looking for something new to try which led him to working on some mixed medium pieces that combine his love for golf and art. Who knows where this will go, but Tim knows it will be fun to share his experiences with his Rockwall Art League friends and to soak up their artistic expertise as well.

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