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Member Spotlight: Stephanie Lawhorn

Stephanie Lawhorn is a modern contemporary/abstract artist inspired by the

colors and textures viewed in nature as seen through the lens of her Christian

faith. She often states that ‘God is the Greatest Artist’ and seeks to share the

beauty of the Lord’s Creation through her paintings. Each piece, while

consistent in the use of texture and/or vibrant color, becomes an entity of its

own depending on the message the work is meant to convey.

Stephanie explores a variety of mediums as she feels that developing these

‘foundations’ helps improve her skills over time. Her paintings, the medium

she is most known for, are created in heavy acrylics with palette knives and

her own fingers often being used to create the resulting textures. Although

she currently works as an art educator in Texas, she herself is self-taught and

enjoys exploring the creative freedom of her own intuitions.

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