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Member Spotlight: Linda McCasland

When I was six years old my parents bought me a chalkboard on one side and a crayon side on the other because I wouldn’t stop drawing on everything.  When I learned to write in grade school, I couldn’t, so I would just draw my letters and still do and finally passed handwriting.

I still draw my ideas in a notebook most of the time but when an idea hits, watch out, the idea goes on any scrap of paper I can lay my hands on.

Painting in any medium is fun.  I started out in oil, moved to acrylic and took two years of watercolor.  Cecy Turner taught a wonderful and relaxing class at Ola Padreda in Richardson.  Painting in general is a wonderful mental outlet, better than taking tranquilizers.   It is amazing how the process works, it starts in your head and somehow comes out on paper or canvas.  Sometimes I look and say how did I do that and other times I say why did I do that.

My goal in life is for others to say “how did you do that” and I don’t really want to hear “why did you do that?”

My grandmother was a wonderful nature artist that painted until she died at 89 years old.  I would love to be able to leave the 

same legacy.

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