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Member Spotlight- Cynthia Johns

Cynthia’s paintings and photography have been show in galleries in Los Angeles, Burbank and Fort Worth. Her solo shows have been featured in No Ho News and Fort Worth Star Telegram and noted in Forth Worth Monthly as an unique artist to watch. Cynthia is a born and raised Dallasite but began her art career while living in California. After moving back to Texas she became a member of the Fire House Gallery and the Fort Worth Arts Community. Then in 2023 she joined RAL and has shown new works while taking on commissions.

Cynthia's work is expressive, evocative and modern, with a strong sense of momentum. The goal is to use vibrant color and line to move emotion from the unwavering eye to the complex heart. Work often begins with right out of the tube paint mixed with collage to stimulate emotions. Modern art techniques are most often employed to create relatable objects. Early paintings combined mixed media with expressionism and cubism styles for context of shapes. New ways of painting such as pure abstract expressionism are being explored as she progress in her work, but raw color and strong lines, are still the foundation from which unique creations start. Cynthia states, “When first approaching a subject, a mood, a feeling or just a space it is always the color and strong line that start the process. I strive to create works that celebrate the emotion of things, while searching for a connection through the shape and structure of each piece.”

Cynthia Johns

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