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Member Spotlight- Claudia McCabe

Claudia McCabe shared that she is not a formally trained artist. Instead, she graduated with a major in Home Economics. She spent 30 years in the travel industry, nature trail guide, and a master naturalist.  Her start in art 15 years ago was due to her ‘sister’ Cindy Neuschwander, a museum-based artist who sparked her interest in encaustic art. Since Cindy's passing, Claudia continues to honor her short time on earth using the same medium as she did, and hoping her hands guides Claudia along the way.


Encaustic is an ancient art form dating back to Romano=Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt around 200-400 A.D. Because of the ability to do basically anything with this medium using various surfaces to create interesting effects: paint, embed, sculpt, collage, photograph, shellac, stencil, monotype, evolving is constant. Now her pieces are inspired by the books she has read - 1Q84, Chasing Beauty, Brides of Miracoor, and Women.


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