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YMAS Scholarship Guidelines

• All entries must be original, created by the student from
personal photos or imagination. No Digital art created on a
computer will be accepted. No artwork that used calendar
or magazine art will be accepted. Paintings, drawings,
sculptures, and ceramics of any maritime subject will be

• Please see
for examples of marine art.

• There is no fee to enter this competition. Award ribbons,
certificates, and scholarship money will be given and
announced in the May of 2020.


To Enter the YMAS National Competition:

1. Take a digital photo of the artwork and save it as a jpeg.
Up to two entries per student may be submitted.
For sculpture, please submit 3 views of each sculpture.

2. Crop the image so that the entire artwork is visible
without extraneous background or framing showing.
The saved image should represent the artwork exactly.

3. Image size should be at least 5 “ by 7” at 300 dpi
minimum. The file format must be jpeg (highest quality,
no compression).

4. Please title the jpeg “YourNameTitleofArtwork.jpeg”
(Example: “AnneBrodieHillSailboat.jpeg”)

5. Save your images to a CD and mail (to be received by June
15, 2020) to:

Anne Brodie Hill, ASMA
7720 Appaloosa Trail
Gainesville, GA 30506

6. Please include this information (printed) with the CD:
(very important!)

• Student’s name, year of birth, grade in school, mailing
address, email, and phone number

• Title of artwork, medium, size, value

• Art Teacher’s name, email address, school name, school
address, and phone number

7. All information given remains private.
Questions - please contact Anne Brodie Hill, 770-718-7586

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