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Member Spotlight: Maegan Kirschner

I am an artist that uses industrial and recyclable materials to create artwork that is

considered mixed media. Paints, papers, and metal become expressive parts of the

overall project. My work is of the abstract genre and becomes fluid as it is

conceived. The work focuses on canvas being the base, but I branch out to

sculpture pieces as well. I have multiple sclerosis (MS) which can create a

challenge physically creating the work. The process of thinking out a project to

physically creating allows an outlet for physical, mental, and cognitive therapy in

living with MS.

The works that represent the circle express a beginning, ending, and completion of

all things in life. Love, heartache, memories, and faith all come full circle to make

us who we are. The soul is a circle that either grows outward or inward based on

life experiences. The artworks invite the viewer into the world of the wife of a

disabled veteran raising six children while living with MS, maintaining their faith

and life circle throughout the journey. Depth and texture in the works pull the

observer into the painting creating a wave of emotions as they explore the depth

and textures that stir memories and connections in their own life circle experiences.

Organic shapes help with the depth and flow of my work. We cannot be

circumspect in this rawness of feelings but must embrace the pieces and let the

tears flow or the laughter burst from our bliss.

Secret messages to my husband also create interesting adventures for the viewer as

they try to understand a complicated and faithful love story. The entire collection

ties together circles, but moods and feelings change with each piece due to colors,

sizes of canvas, and materials involved in the artistic process.

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