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Member Spotlight: Lauren Cazabon

Lauren Cazabon grew up in Michigan, and has also lived in Berlin, Mexico and California. She started painting watercolors about 20 years ago and got interested in encaustics about 3 years ago through her friend Claudia McCabe and Karen Cazabon, her mother-in-law. Her husband plays bass and is sometimes a subject for her artwork as well.

The encaustic “Sunset” received a blue ribbon in the category of Mixed Media with Embellishments. She started with a print of an original watercolor painting she had made of the sunset in a place that she once lived along the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. She then used layers of beeswax and medium over the print of the watercolor, along with oil sticks, stencils, pan pastels, and many colors of beeswax, scraping away areas to create more of a 3D effect.

She has been doing encaustics that reflect her life experiences and family ancestry in an effort to connect with who she is on a deeper level. One of her triptych images portrays Lauren as a child with some personal mantras and collage items.

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