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Member Spotlight: Kenyon Hill-Walter

Being a Dentist for over 20 years, Rockwall artist Kenyon Walter took a leap of faith 6 years ago and started painting and studying art. She is currently working on a media series that requires time and vision to create. Kenyon's distinctive style is a process of application of color accented with iridescent inks and gels. When processed under light, they radiate and reflect in different directions.

The iridescent ink in the artwork represents her emergence into a new chapter of her life painting and creating art. Although she considers Dentistry an artwork in itself, Organic Abstract Art provides a new freedom that she enjoys. Layer upon layer of paint and resin projects the radiance, warmth and glow she wants to pass on to others in her artwork. She is available for commissions, or to discuss your project, at 214-394-6547, or

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