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Member Spotlight- Kathy Derby

Kathy Derby is a native Texan born in Wichita Falls and has lived in various Texas towns.

While married she and her husband traveled throughout the world from 1994 until 2005. Another passion for her is photography which was a benefit during their travels.

After covid began a time of confinement for many she discovered a myriad of instructive videos on how to use acrylics to create art on canvas and tiles. She found ways to have fun and explore expressive ways to continue various styles of acrylic art.

After the loss of her husband she joined the local Greenville Art League and her interest in acrylics evolved into displaying her works on canvas and ceramic tiles in a gallery downtown alongside many other local artists.

This summer she opened her home to teach children the creative fun of Dutch pouring acrylics and the bloom technique using canvases and tiles.

She is also a member of the Rockwall Art League and now continues to market her art through art fairs and venues. She enjoys meeting so many talented people who have a passion for their arts. She continues to explore and learn many art applications available to the public.

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