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Member Spotlight- Joanna Burch

Joanna Burch, a native Texan, grew up along the south Texas shoreline most of her life. As a result, her love for coastal activities found a way into much of her early artistic work. Observing those special moments of interaction with family and friends, through body language and colorful objects of fun and play, has inspired her to create wonderful, every day, scenic images which embody many of her coastal paintings.

Currently, her colorful still life and vibrant bird paintings reflect her latest interests with unusual light effects, colors and motifs. With the encouragement of friends, family and other artists, she has spent many years perfecting her skills in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil and porcelain painting and still remembers her first medium, Crayons. Though her formal training was in the graphic arts, she continued her studies over the years with many well-known fine artists throughout the U.S.

Current affiliations include: State Federation of Porcelain Artists of Texas, Artists Round Texas, Rockwall Art League, World Organization of China Painters, North East Texas Porcelain Art Club, Professional Artists of Central Texas, International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Who’s Who in America.

Article contributions to: International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, The China Painter (World Organization of China Painters), British Porcelain Artist Magazine, Porcelain & Glass Painting Magazine. ‘I strive for interesting shapes and patterns, and gravitate toward strong light sources and deep shadows. I love crisp lines and smooth paint stokes. I am very passionate about my painting journey and know that it is ever changing and evolving constantly. As I step out of my comfort zone to make new discoveries, I hope to bring those discoveries and adventures to my viewers so that they may share in the excitement brought about by art. Art enriches our lives.”

She now resides in the Dallas Area.

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