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Member Spotlight: Helen Comeau

Helen Comeau is a self-educated artist—that is if you do not count years visiting museums all over the world and the attendance of some hundred plus art lectures and workshops. Art is a passion that has not left her since she held her first set of colored pencils while recovering from a childhood case of the flu. Her parents were not surprised of this passion for art since her father's side of the family is full of artists and musicians. They did not support her attendance at art school, however, so art making came only in moments stolen from her day job.

She says that she is persistent and never met an art medium she did not like! She prefers to call herself a multifaceted or multidimensional artist rather than one that cannot settle on a medium. She believes that her drawings, paintings or sculptures are intended to show the visual embodiment of her emotional reaction to the world. She thinks that is what we all do as artists.

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