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Member Spotlight: Donna Schoolcraft

Donna Schoolcraft is a landscape artist with an eye for detail. She loves to take long walks in the country with her dog which is where she gets her inspiration. She loves the changing of seasons especially springtime with its Texas bluebonnets. Watching her dog, Rain, running through the wheat fields and exploring trails gives her a sense of calm and satisfaction. Donna attended Louisiana State University Fine Art Program in Baton Rouge as a painting major before moving to Texas, but feels she learned more about painting techniques from private instruction.  She discovered her passion for painting when she was 14 years old and received an easel and paint set for Christmas. Her medium of choice is acrylic, but she also enjoys watercolor, oils, and pen and ink. Donna has been a member of the Rockwall Art League sense 2016 and greatly enjoys all her new friends, demos, and workshops.

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