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Member Spotlight- Dale Rushing

Dale Rushing enjoys painting for friends, family and special commissioned clients. Retried for more than 7+ years, he spent his professional life working in marketing and graphic design communications. He owned his own firm in Dallas for nearly 20 years. He also has taught publication design at the university level, and he began his career in journalism.

Today he enjoys painting and drawing as a past time. "I like to start with a pencil, it's the bones of every painting I do-even if doing an abstract." With a graphic design background, his work has a tendency to be graphic and abstract in appearance. He utilizes any pencil, paint, or chalk as a medium some times all of the above. Dale finds the tool used is like sculpting-requiring the addition of layers and sometimes stripping of layers. "Art brings such great join in life, as do grand-children)", say Dale.

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