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Member Spotlight: Curtis Fredrick

Curtis Frederick’s love of art started at a very young age. As with many young artists, drawing was the first thing he was introduced to and could do well. It was not until college that he discovered clay. The three dimensional designs was something he could create in a fully immersed way. It challenges him to make sure that each sculpture engages the viewer from all angles. Being somewhat of a rebel, you will see that he pushes the envelope on the finishes of his clay pieces.

His abstract paintings are very organic. Many of his paintings are done outside on his property. The love of nature inspires his creativity. He says that experimenting is something that feeds his spirit, which is why he uses unconventional tools other than paint brushes in many of his paintings.

Curtis was the Best in Show winner at the 17th Annual Rockwall Art League Fine Art Show & Sale.

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1 Comment

Hi Curtis,

I'm a new member and am exploring the website. I enjoyed this Spotlight and your work. I do particularly like the finishes on your ceramic pieces. I was wondering how you 'broke' the wired jug-shaped figure. It is very interesting. In spite of the barbed wire, there is something very gentle about how it is supporting the broken figure. In my life I have found that we must frequently find support of our brokenness with imperfect and sometimes thorny, people, places and things.

It felt really refreshing to see the image of you working outdoors on the large purple piece. I love to paint outdoors, but seem to rarely take advantage of that opportunity.

I saw the blue…

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