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Member Spotlight: Barbara Scurlock

I started sketching Disney characters at a very young age.  My interest in art continued throughout college in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Texas where I earned an art degree.  All forms of art continue to interest me, but photography is my favorite.

Being impressed by what I view through the camera lens has continued to inspire me to pursue photography.  Photography is about art, and about understanding the tools of the craft. This includes perception, the ability to capture an image that inspires interest, and that communicates a feeling or a message.  When capturing an image, I rely on the elements of design and then use various types of computer software to enhance my creativity.  In my travels to various destinations, photography has inspired me to share my points of view. 

I have participated in juried and judged shows winning multiple awards, and have held a solo exhibition in Rockwall, Texas.  My camera is always close by.

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